The Folklore Group Maj functions at The Secondary Grammar School “Pierre de Coubertine” in Piestany, Slovakia. All participants are amateurs - enthusiasts of all ages and education; who are all in it in order to promote and cherish the traditional slovakian culture and customs, not only at home, but also abroad.

The group is actively participating in the cultural events organized by the Town of Piestany, (pre- Christmas  and Easter events, OLKS, etc.) And represents the hometown in Slovakia and abroad (Slovakiatour - tourism fair in Bratislava (2005, 2006), meeting twin cities of Piestany in the Poland, Ustroń (2006) and Czech Republic, Luhacovice (2006, 2014), and others.).

In cooperation with the town’s cultural centre the group has also organized the first ever musical and folklore festival of the nearby regions to the Slovakian border. (South Moravia,  Austria and the district of Trnava.)

FG Maj has also initiated the organization of the three charity concerts for the local orphanage. 12 folklore groups have participated in this event. The finances raised have been given to the orphanage directly after the concerts.

In 2005 FG Maj represented the country during the official celebration of Slovakia joining the EU in Graz, Austria. Some members of the group have also participated in the creation of the documentary called “ Optimist” about Ludovit Winter, (local well known spa owner and creator) directed by Dusan Trancik. In 2011 Maj has participated in the pre - christmas event organized for slovakian minority living in Hungarian town of Vac.

Since its beginnings in the autumn 1996, FG Maj has successfully presented Slovakian customs and traditional art and also its native town - not only at home, but also abroad. The group regularly participates in the locally organized festivals and celebrations in the towns of Stary Tekov, Dolny Kubin, Dolny Vadicov, Krakovany. It has become a regular attendant at the festivals also in the neighbouring festivals in Breclav, Roznov pod Radhostem and  Cerveny Kostelec, Czech Republic.

Historically, there are many more countries to mention that FG Maj has also visited:

1997 - Poland, Austria
1998 - Turkey, Austria
1999 - Czech Republic, Austria
2000 - Brazil, Hungary, Poland, Austria
2001 - United Kingdom, Holland, Austria
2002 - Turkey, Czech Republic, Austria
2003 - Sardinia, Austria, Czech Republic
2004 - Israel, Austria
2005 - France
2006 – Spain, Czech Republic
2007 - Czech Republic
2008 - Spain, Czech Republic
2010 - Azores Islands, Poland
2011 - Czech Republic
2012 - Croatia, Malta
2013 - Mexico

Awards obtained

  • • 2001 - United Kingdom - two first and two third places
  • • November 2006  - musicians and singers of the group have participated in local folklore competition in Spacince,
  •    where they were commended by the judges. The band has won the first prize and was invited to the nationwide competition.
  • • 2008 - group has participated in the TV competition - “Slovakia’s got talent” where it has gone all the way to the semifinals.
  • • 2011 at the international folklore festival in Cerveny Kostelec the group has finished second in the viewer’s
  •    award for the most sympathetic group of the festival.