Folk ensemble Maj was founded in 1996 at Pierre de Coubertino Grammar School in Piešťany by married couple Jan and Viktoria Hornak. Name of the group comes from the Choir named Maj, which originated at the 1970s at Grammar School and performed until the 90's.

The members of the ensemble are students but also working enthusiasts of different ages who try to preserve and promote folk traditions and customs of Slovakia by their art. Currently it has about 35 members and consists of a dancers, singers and musicians.

The ensemble works in the scenic form of tradition from various regions of Slovakia such as Myjava, Kysuce, Orava, Horehronie, Zemplín, Šariš and its performances can be seen mainly in the Trnava region and the surrounding area. Once a year, the ensemble also takes part in a foreign festival.

The members of the ensemble experienced an interesting experience when they performed in the film Optimist directed by D. Tranick about the founder of Piešťany spa - Ľudovít Winter.

The last domestic award in 2014 was the inclusion of the bronze zone at the "Tancuj, tancuj" choreography competition in Liptovsky Mikulas. Among the foreign achievements is the most recent 2nd place at the Bali International Folk Festival in Indonesia in 2016, which was fought in strong international competition.

In November 2016, the ensemble celebrated its 20th anniversary, after which new generation of folklorists took the management.

1997 - Poland, Austria
1998 - Turkey, Austria
1999 - Czech Republic, Austria
2000 - Brazil, Hungary, Poland, Austria
2001 - United Kingdom, Holland, Austria
2002 - Turkey, Czech Republic, Austria
2003 - Sardinia, Austria, Czech Republic
2004 - Israel, Austria
2005 - France
2006 – Spain, Czech Republic
2007 - Czech Republic
2008 - Spain, Czech Republic
2010 - Azores Islands, Poland
2011 - Czech Republic
2012 - Croatia, Malta
2013 - Mexico
2016 - Indonesia Bali

Awards obtained

  • • 2001 - United Kingdom - two first and two third places
  • • November 2006  - musicians and singers of the group have participated in local folklore competition in Spacince,
  •    where they were commended by the judges. The band has won the first prize and was invited to the nationwide competition.
  • • 2008 - group has participated in the TV competition - “Slovakia’s got talent” where it has gone all the way to the semifinals.
  • • 2011 at the international folklore festival in Cerveny Kostelec the group has finished second in the viewer’s
  •    award for the most sympathetic group of the festival.
  • • We were awarded by bronze medal at Slovak national choreography "Dance, Dance" in Liptovsky Mikulas in 2014.
  • • We have achieved 2nd place at International folk festival in Indonesia - Bali in 2016 within 10 ensembles from around the world.